About Karen Woodard

Karen D. Woodard, President of Premium Performance Training in Boulder, Colorado is an international author and consultant devoted to successful sales, operations, management and service training. She has owned a variety of businesses over the past 15 years including a body/mind center, 3 fitness centers, 2 indoor rock climbing facilities in Boulder.

Because she had the opportunity over the years and sometimes the necessity to wear many hats in her businesses, she has an empathy and an ability to relate to staff and clients on all levels. Due to her experience, as well as a highly competitive market, her delivery of sales, service and management comes from an integrative style that focuses on simplicity and results. To lead the competition her approach is simple – “it’s a grassroots perspective that we can all use for our own success.”

  About Premium Performance Training
  Premium Performance Training provides marketing services, sales training for all revenue producing departments, service training for all staff and management training and consulting programs. The platforms with which we work include onsite, online, phone consultation and a wide selection of educational tools and products including books, audio tapes, video tapes and training, manuals.