Belmont Athletic Club
For years we (the Belmont staff) have had the privilege of listening to your presentations at the IHRSA conventions - always coming away with ideas and inspiration that added to the growth of our management team. Last fall we finally made the commitment to bring you to the club for an all-day sales seminar, and that was one of the better decisions we have made in our 25 years here at The Belmont.

This all-day session was totally geared to our club and our type of operation and was extremely beneficial to experienced sales people as well as those new to the marketing side of the club business. Because of your extensive background in every phase of the club business, you have experienced everything our staff and sales people are going through, no matter what length of time they have been in our industry.

The energy and productivity level that took hold after that day were exciting to watch. The guidelines and approaches you trained us in were put to use with the feedback from our staff being: "It works!"

Since the first session went so well, we were pleased to have you back again this past June. The morning sales session was a wonderful update on what you had conveyed to us last fall, but it expanded to give us a renewed focus on the sales techniques to have a most successful summer.

A highlight of your June visit was the afternoon session you had with our front desk staff. They had never met you before and they were thoroughly impressed with your knowledge of the problems they deal with daily and the wonderful solutions you provided on how to deal with these problems and enjoy the important job that they have. Our front desk staff knew they were talking with a very knowledgeable and understanding friend. They were not only appreciative of you, Karen, but they thanked us for thinking enough of them to bring in such an outstanding person from the industry to help train them!

Thank you, Karen, for what your personalized sales and front desk training sessions have done for our staff. You are a true talent and a pleasure to learn from.

John Doyle


We have used Karen’s online training modules for about a year and they are great! They give us the flexibility to provide training to our staff whenever we want. There is a wealth of information for all areas of our club that is delivered clear and concise. I highly recommend these modules for any club operator looking for an effective, flexible and affordable method of staff development.

Jeff Cozart
General Manager

Health Track Sport and Wellness
Premium Performance Training has made a HUGE impact on our membership sales! Karen Woodard is extremely professional and great to work with. Karen has provided our sales team with invaluable sales training and techniques. Karen makes selling fun and rewarding at the same time.

Dawn Beneventi

Gainesville Health & Fitness Centers
Due to our continuing sales success in general membership and personal training I never felt the need for outside sales training. Coming back from IHRSA our staff raved about your presentations and begged for me to bring you to our club. I am so glad I did! Your first visit in May of 2005, the two day program on increasing personal training sales and improving sales management brought an immediate change in counselor attitude and a significant increase in monthly revenues. Your most recent visit in July, working directly with out sales counselors was so well received that I look forward to making your training a yearly staple. Our staff and I both say thanks.

Jan Matkozich

ClubCorp USA
Karen Woodard-Chavez is in my opinion the best consultive resource in the private membership business. Karen is a great role model for our industry as she is always professional, prepared, has a positive, 'can-do attitude' and follows through on her promises. As a client, I feel that Karen is a great listener and is always able to customize her presentations to fit the ClubCorp culture. Because of Karen's vast experiences in business, she consistantly provides a curriculum that delivers a positive impact to our Clubs and professional growth for our Employee Partners. I'm very proud to partner with Karen on my initiatives to deliver a great experience for my Members and to drive ClubCorp's financial success.

Ron Woolard

Oxford Athletic Clubs
Karen Woodard training programs work! She has the unique perspective of club owner/manager experience. Her ability to “connect” with our membership sales and personal trainer staff resulted in immediate and on-going results. We were especially impressed by her pre-meeting information gathering and by her follow up and summaries. We have utilized Karen’s services twice, and intend to continue to tap her expertise.

Dan Griffin


Management Vision
Karen Woodard has created a multi-faceted consulting company focusing on the health club industry. She is an impressive featured lecturer, a successful on-site consultant and a reliable industry professional who can also assist by phone, fax or email. Her Premium Performance Training company provides support materials--books, CDs and other training materials--to help make the learning process deeper and longer term.

Karen has worked with start-up and well-established club companies, single clubs and multi-club organizations, trade associations and fitness industry manufacturers and a range of types of facilities (from pure fitness to multi-sport to indoor-outdoor). She is considered most knowledgeable in a wide variety of competencies: sales training, customer service, club operations, personal training, etc.

Rick Caro

Golds Gym
The Gold's Gyms of Atlanta, operating under the corporate entity, Geogia Fitness Legends, Inc., retained Ms. Karen Woodard of Premium Performance Training to conduct a two-day sales training seminar this past November. Over fifty people attended, and the class participants were impressed with Karen's presentation and her innovative ideas and techniques. Her approach is quite refreshing.

She is well regarded by the Gold's Gym International organization. I am an officer in the George Fitness Legends, and we intend to invite Karen back during Y2K for additional courses. I would highly recommend her to anyone desiring state-of-the-art training.

J.D. Holmes


Seattle Athletic Club
The time you spent researching our company and company philosophy was greatly appreciated. Your ability to customize your presentation to Western Athletic Clubs, incorporating our mission statement goals and "verbiage" had an immeasurable effect in building rapport with our staff. Likewise, your ability to remain flexible throughout the entire presentation ensured not only that your presentation materials were covered, but also that all attendees left your session with their questions answered.

Jessie Diekmann


The Aquatic & Fitness Center
I was excited to learn that you will be the instructor for the management seminar that I will be attending this weekend. Just over a year ago I attended your Premium Performance Training sales seminar. At the time I was new to the sales facet of the fitness industry. Following the PPT sales seminar my performance literally doubled. I still listen to the sales tape "20 Tips to Close Sales Now". Perhaps the best benefit I received fromt the seminar was the ability to organize and practice more efficiently. As a result I found the more time to focus on the other aspects of the club, member satisfaction and retention, cleanliness, morale and, programming.

A mere five months after attending your outstanding seminar I was promoted, at age 24, to health club mananger. This despite less than a year of sales experience. I credit your sales system for giving me the knowledge, perspective, and motivation to succeed. I realize that I am not a "natural" at selling. As a mater of fact before implementing what I learned from you I was never terribly comfortable as a sales consultant. Thank you for giving me the tools to complete my rise from the maintenance staff to the manager.

Karen, as a lifeguard, personal trainer, aerobic instructor, fitness director and manager, I have attended seminars pertaining to my position at that time. The PPT seminar was by far the most beneficial. I am looking forward to participating in your upcoming management seminar. One of my aspirations is to eventually be a presenter. I have a lot to learn. I'm sure this weekends seminar will teach me some new tricks.

Scott L. Pashley


Welsh Back Squash & Health Center
She has produced excellent results with our sales team. Within 3 months of her first visit we have almost doubled the amount of sales compared to the same period in previous years - and that's with NO discounting!

Kate Wells


The Wellness Center
Additional contracts ensued in order to assist the sales team, front desk, and overall employee morale and motivation. Karen has continually exhibited her professionalism and vast industry knowledge with each project. She has assisted us with enhancing our business objectives and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Karen was a guest speaking at our latest staff meeting. Her energy and positive communication has contiued to influence our team, even months after the meeting.

Jeffrey A. Newkirk


Just a quick note to let you know that I enjoyed your NEHRSA talk yesterday. I must admit that I went in thinking "been there-done that" and although your information was not all new to me, it was presented in a fresh way. Your delivery is very good also.

I will be sharing the "monster membership mistakes" with my sales manager who will use it for an upcoming training session with my reps. It was a pleasure to see you again.

Richard Synnott


Karen's presentation "Avoiding the Monster Mistakes in Membership Sales" was one of the highlights of our program. She was our highest rated speaker for the day!

When asked on the evaluation form what the best part of Karen's program was, the attendees responded: "speakers enthusiasm", "humor - actual take home information I can use now", "speaker's enthusiasm and knowledge of topic", "humor friendlyness - info was great!", and "every part!".

My favorite response was from one attendee from Vermont who drove three hours each way to attend the conference. Her response to the same question was, "excellent program in 100% of the areas described - worth the entire trip just for this."

The greatest recommendation we could give Karen is to invite her to present another session for us...and we did just that! Karen will be presenting at our upcoming Fall Conference and I know we will have many eager fans looking forward to attending her next session. I hightly recommend Karen Woodard as a dynamic, energetic and creative speaker.

Jan Woodman


Billings Athletic Club
I am grateful to Karen for creating her on line training. She has not only helped differentiate us from our competition, but she has allowed me and my department heads the flexibility to train "all the time".

In my opinion, Karen is an extremely gifted consultant. She contacted me a year and a half ago about her on-line training program..the rest is history. She has provided us with client customized programs which address service, sales, and management issues. Karen is very in-tune to the needs of clubs and their operations and doesn't hesitate to ask for our input when designing new trainings.

I personally love the sales training modules. All subject matter is defined clearly. My staff gets honest, realistic presentations on the day to day sales process, Job expectations, and ultimately how to succeed.

Karen's, knowledge and experience is invaluable and I notice immediate positive results with every session.

I highly recommend the on-line training. The value to me is immeasurable. As a result, I am able to take advantage of the time Karen has spent with me, one on one, on my personal development as a club manager and communicate the wealth of information on a daily basis to my staff.

Terry Doerfler, GM
Billings Athletic Club


Wheaton Sport Center

As a Child Care Director with 75+ staff, ages 16-60 years, it has been rewarding to see everyone working together and getting excited about furthering their customer service skills. Premium Performance Online Training has positively changed the way my team members interact with each other as well as our Wheaton Sport Center members and guests. I look forward to utilizing this training program for years to come.

Lisa Press
Child Care Director

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  • American Family Fitness—Richmond, Virginia
  • Athletic Club of Bend—Bend, Oregon
  • Aquahab—Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • The Aspen Club and Spa—Aspen, Colorado
  • The Bainbridge Island Racquet Club—Bainbridge Island, Washington
  • Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center—Louisville, Kentucky
  • The Bel Air Athletic Club—Bel Air, Maryland
  • Billings Athletic Club—Billings, Montana
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  • Gold’s Gym—Edgewood, New York
  • Gold’s Gym—Middletown, New York
  • Gold’s Gym—Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • Great Lakes Club Management Association
  • Greenwood Athletic Club—Englewood, Colorado
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  • Merritt Athletic Clubs—Baltimore, Maryland
  • Mid Atlantic Club Management Association
  • Middle Kentucky Association of YMCA’s
  • Miramont Sports Center—Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Mount Kisco Athletic Club—Mount Kisco, New York
  • Natural Resources Spa Consulting, Inc.—Indian Harbor Beach, Florida
  • New England Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association
  • NetPulse—San Francisco, California
  • Northwest Community Health Care—Arlington Heights, Illinois
  • Olympic Athletic Club—Seattle, Washington
  • Onslow Spa Fitness—Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • Paradigm Health Club Resort—Broomfield, Colorado
  • Paso Robles Athletic Club—Paso Robles, California
  • Pinnacle Fitness and Training—Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Prairie Life Centers—Omaha, Nebraska
  • Precor—Bothell, Washington
  • Premier Athletic Club—Albany, New York
  • Pulse Fitness Centers—Boulder, Colorado
  • Punta Gorda Tennis and Fitness—Punta Gorda, Florida
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